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Access to public administration services

Easier than you would expect

You can now log in to public administration services via mojeID. All you have to do is have a security key and activate the service.

Portál občana

Citizen's Portal

You will get access to online services such as a driver's score, a personal pension insurance certificate, e-prescriptions, a confirmation of study and many more.

Go to the Citizen's Portal


Online formuláře

Not just tax returns online

You will be able to file your tax return online and you will always get an overview of your pension insurance or incapacity for work.

Logo datová schránka

Easy login to the data box

If you have a data box, you will be able to log in to it more conveniently with your mojeID credentials.

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New services

With an officially verified online identity, you will be ready for the next upcoming benefits.

procedure illustration

How to do it?

You will need to secure your mojeID account with a security key and verify your identity.

  1. Login/register in mojeID
  2. Add a security key
  3. Begin the process of making public administration services available
  4. Verify your identity
  5. Complete the process and gain access to public administration services

What is a security key?

The security key (also token or authentication/USB key) is used as another factor in verifying the user's identity, e.g., together with a password. You can use two main types:


Security key - token icon

Hardware security key

A small device with a USB connector (and/or NFC/Bluetooth technology). For login, press a button on the key or touch your phone by the key. Recommended keys: Idem Key (GoTrust)YubiKey 5 series (Yubico)Security Key NFC (Yubico).

Fingerprint icon

System security key

Your computer or mobile device (e.g., with Windows Hello, Android, ...). You confirm the login by fingerprinting, drawing a gesture, etc.