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Why mojeID

Officially verified identity

Thanks to the connection of mojeID with the National Register for Identification and Authentication (NIA), you can use your account as a full-fledged authentication tool. Therefore you can always have public administration services at hand, such as: a driver's score, a personal pension insurance certificate, e-prescriptions or a confirmation of study.

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One username and password

Do you have different login credentials for every site and many passwords that you have to remember or, even worse, write down? Say goodbye to all that with mojeID! To sign in to your favourite services that support mojeID, all you need is a single mojeID account with one username and password.

No more registrations

Have you found a new and interesting service and want to try it out? Get ready to fill in endless registration forms asking for all sorts of personal data. But maybe you don’t have to?

MojeID will make sure that you never again have to fill in your first and last name, email address, telephone number, mailing address and other details, or try to come up with a new username. MojeID can do all that for you.

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No one likes remembering lots of different passwords and writing them all down in an easily accessible location can be very risky. With mojeID, you just need one password – and you can be sure that it's absolutely safe with us. Because it always stays with us, it doesn’t reach the service provider at all and so there is no risk of misuse.

In addition to a traditional password, you can also sign in via mojeID using a digital certificate or a one-time password.

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Your details updated in a single location

Have you moved, changed your phone number or started using a different email address, and now you have to update all your services with the new information? With mojeID, you only need to update the information once – we will make sure that your favourite websites have all your important data updated with every login.

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Your data under control

You decide what you want to share with various service providers through the mojeID service. It’s you who decides what to share, so there is no risk of a provider receiving any data that they don’t need.

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Personal business card

When you open a mojeID account, you will also get a personal business card on Your contact information, including your phone number and email address, your Facebook profile, Skype account and much more, will be visible in a single location – but of course only if you want it to; you can also update this information at any time.

How to activate your personal business card

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MojeID is free of charge

We think that everyone should feel secure when shopping online or using the internet in general. That’s why mojeID always has been, and always will be, free of charge!