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Why MojeID

Ilustration - Electronic identity

Electronic identity. Forever

The main advantage of MojeID is the ability to log in to thousands of services, such as e-shops, libraries, online services of state and local government and other institutions. With mojeID, you are creating an electronic identity that will be used increasingly in the coming years. We're trying to make frequent office-visits and "paperwork" a thing of the past.

All registrations in a few clicks.
One login only

You only fill in information about yourself once, directly into MojeID. You just log in to all partner services using the "Log in via MojeID" button, you choose what data you want to provide to the service, and that's it. All you have to do is remember one username and password.

Ilustration - One login only
Ilustration - Your data is safe

Your data is safe

User data in MojeID is protected in the same way as the .cz domain register, which means at the highest level. In addition, each time you log in, you can determine which data you pass on to the service provider. In addition to the password, you can also optionally secure your account with another factor, such as a security key (this is even mandatory for logging in to eGovernment services, for example).

Read more about security

Data management in one place

Have you moved? Have you changed your phone number? Instead of correcting the data for all services for which you are registered, you only need to change it in MojeID. We will make sure that your new data will get everywhere you log in with MojeID. In addition, if you have made public administration services available, changes to your surname or permanent address, for example, are automatically entered in MojeID from the public registers.

Ilustration - Data management in one place
Ilustration - Domain browser

Domain browser

The Domain Browser service offers an easy management of .cz domains in one place. Holders of multiple domains can check their status and find out by what date their domains are paid, which registrar can renew them, or verify which domains are protected by DNSSEC.

Go to Domain Browser

All of MojeID is free and available to everyone

Registering to MojeID only takes a moment and you don't need anything special. You can log in to many private sector services right away. A security key is required to access public administration services and some other institutions, but it is also free in the form of the MojeID Klíč mobile app. Using even the most advanced MojeID functions costs nothing.

Ilustration - mojeID is free

Are alternative services available? Partly yes, but...

Ilustration - widest range of uses

MojeID has the widest range of uses

It offers by far the largest number of partner services. You can't log in to any commercial services with your e-Občanka, NIA ID, bank identity or any other means, or their number is significantly lower than with MojeID. With your bank identity, you cannot log in to client zones of health insurance companies.

Ilustration - MojeID does not sell any user data

MojeID does not sell any user data

Our mission is to make the internet a safer place, and we love making people's lives easier. We do not use MojeID to make money. You can be sure that we will not charge service providers anything for you logging in with mojeID. For example, if you log in with your bank identity, the bank will charge the service provider about CZK 100 depending on the extent of the data provided.

Ilustration - mojeID is secure

MojeID is one of the most secure

There are three levels of reliability of Means of Electronic Identification: low, moderate, and high. A moderate guarantee is sufficient for today's online services, but MojeID has even received a high level of guarantee from the state authorities, provided a suitable hardware key is used. We are thus ready for the services of the future. For example, NIA ID or bank identity are unlikely to aspire to the high level.

Ilustration - MojeID costs nothing

MojeID really costs nothing

Registration is free, use is free, even the security key is free (e.g. Mojeid Klíč app, Android OS v. 7 and higher or Windows Hello 10+). The same cannot be said about eObčanka, for example, which requires a smart card reader worth several hundred crowns to use as an online authentication tool.