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Your data is safe with us

In a standard registration, your registration details are stored at the service provider and you have no guarantee that the provider has any security standards for handling this data. With mojeID, your information is stored using the same security conditions as are employed on the register of the top-level domain CZ. When you sign in via mojeID, the service provider never receives your password, so there is no risk of it being misused.

There are three ways to log in

You can sign in to mojeID using your password which stays with us; it doesn’t reach the service provider at all, and so there is no risk of misuse. You can also sign in using a digital certificate, including to services that do not otherwise offer this option. This allows you to bypass the traditional password method completely. Another option is using a one-time password. These passwords are always generated from scratch, so they cannot be used repeatedly.

More ways to log in illustration
Share only data you want illustration

Share only data that you want

When you’re signing in with mojeID, you will see which of your information is requested by the service. If there’s anything you don’t want to share with the service, there’s nothing easier than removing it from the shared data with a few clicks and logging in without it.

You can also set up information sets that you want to share while logging in. This means you have full control over your data.