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How to start


Open a MojeID account

On the Create New Account page, fill in your basic details and verify your email and phone number. Done? Fill in all the data in your profile that you want to have available for disclosure to partner services.

You can already log in to thousands of services without registration, for which it is not essential to know your identity.

Illustration - open a mojeID account

How to make the most of MojeID?


Secure your account with a security key

You can use the MojeID Klíč mobile app (free download on Google Play and the App Store), a physical USB/NFC key, or other types of keys. You can learn more in the account security section, while the procedures are available in the video tutorials  (in Czech).

Illustration - security key


Activate access to public administration services

All you need to do is verify your identity - either in person at Czech POINT, or using a mean of electronic identification, if you already use one (FAQ  - in English / video tutorials  - in Czech).

Once you have completed the activation, you can immediately log in to one of the eGovernment services via your Identita občana.

Illustration - eGovernment services

Frequently Asked Questions

On the Create your MojeID account page, fill in the required fields and click the Create Account button.

It is necessary to enter PIN codes to identify the account. You receive PIN1 to your e-mail address entered during registration, PIN2 by the form of a text message to your cell phone (the delivery can take a while but usually it is prompt), PIN3 is shipped by Czech Post.

To activate your account enter PIN1 and PIN2 to the appropriate fields and fill in your password.

Search a link for login using MojeID or OpenID on a service provider website. Login is usually marked with any of these icons:

You can find a list of all our contractual partners in the catalogue .

For more information about the registration process check the Frequently Asked Questions.