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How to start

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Create a mojeID account

To start using the benefits of the mojeID service, first you need to create an account and provide your basic information such as name, email address, phone number, etc. After you fill in all the details, the identification process starts; in this process, we verify your phone number, email address and mailing address.

Fill in selected information in your profile

To start fully using the mojeID service, you need to enter all the information that you want to share with other services.

This may include your date of birth, passport number or address of permanent residence; in mojeID, your data is always secure and it’s always up to you which information you want to share with individual services.

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Sign in to various services without registration using mojeID

So you’ve created your account, passed identification and entered all the data you wanted into your profile? Great: now you can start signing in to your favourite services that support mojeID with only a few clicks, easily and securely!

Where exactly can you use mojeID? At all services whose website features one of our “Supports mojeID” (or “OpenID”) icons or the “Sign in via mojeID” button on their login page.

Sites supporting mojeID

Frequently Asked Questions

Fill in the required items on this page and then click the Create account button. The cell phone number must be in the form of: +420.111111111 or +421.111111111. The extension number for sending PIN2 unfortunately can not be used.

Please check carefully the entered data. It is necessary to enter PIN codes to identify the account. You receive PIN1 to your e-mail address entered during registration, PIN2 by the form of a text message to your cell phone (the delivery can take a while but usually it is prompt), PIN3 is shipped by Czech Post.

To activate your account enter PIN1 and PIN2 to the appropriate fields and fill in the login method (password, one-time password - OTP, certificate). The password must be at least 8 characters long. The certificate is currently accepted only from these certificate authorities:

  • Czech Post, s. p.
  • First Certification Authority, a. s.
  • eIdentity, a. s.

Search a link for login using mojeID or OpenID on a service provider website. Login is usually marked with any of these icons:

You can find a list of all our contractual partners in the catalogue here.

For more information about the registration process check the Frequently Asked Questions.