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MojeID Klíč

Simple mobile app to secure your mojeID account

Confirm logging in to mojeID and partner services via an app in your phone.

Public administration services available to anyone

The MojeID Klíč app is the simplest way of preparing your mojeID account to access public administration services. You just need to activate MojeID Klíč and verify your identity.

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How to activate MojeID Klíč?

You only need to download the app to your phone and pair it with your mojeID account. You can find the option to add the MojeID Klíč in the account settings in the Two-factor authentication section. 

What to keep in mind

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MojeID Klíč and other keys

The MojeID Klíč app does not prevent you from securing your account with other security keys (hardware key, software key on Android 7+ or Windows Hello). Quite the opposite — we recommend using more keys. Then, you can choose your preferred key.

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One MojeID Klíč, one account

You cannot use the app on one phone to secure more mojeID accounts at the same time. Nor can you secure one mojeID account via the app on multiple mobile devices.