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“High” level of assurance

Illustration - government bonds

MojeID with “high” is equal even to eObčanka

Do you want to buy government bonds online, get the online PostSignum Certificate with MojeID and be prepared for other best secured eGovernment services? Activate the level of assurance “high”.

What are the levels of assurance of identification methods?

There are three levels of assurance of electronic identification methods: low, substantial, high. They simply state how much can the service provider trust the way of proving the user's identity. MojeID offers “substantial” and “high” levels.

Ilustration - mojeID instructor

Differences between “substantial” and “high” level

What is the level for?


It provides access to the vast majority of electronic public administration services, including the Citizen's Portal, health insurance companies' portals, data boxes, the Cadastre of Real Estate, the ČSSZ ePortal and others.


It allows access to the same services as a “substantial” level and can also be used for the first online purchase of government bonds (setting up a property account). You can also get the PostSignum Certificate for electronic signing online.

What security key to use to secure MojeID?

  • MojeID Klíč  mobile app
  • USB/NFC/bluetooth key with certification level L1 or higher
  • Windows Hello or Android system key

How to verify identity?

  • Via Czech POINT office using a request generated in MojeID
  • Via eObčanka or another electronic identification method
  • Via data box
  • Via Czech POINT office using a request generated in MojeID
  • Via eObčanka or another electronic identification method with level “high”

How to set a PIN on the security key?

illustration - security key PIN

For Windows 10 and 11 OS with all updates installed use Windows Hello

Click Start → Settings → Accounts → Sign-in options → Security Key → Manage → Add Security Key PIN.

Unfortunately, if you have an older version of Windows, your OS does not support adding a PIN to the key.

For MacOS, Linux and other operating systems, use Chrome.

In the browser menu click Settings → Privacy and Security → Security → Manage security keys → Create a PIN.