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On the homepage click “Login to mojeID” and enter your chosen user name and password, a certificate or a one-time password (OTP).

You can remove the two-factor login by using PIN1 from your email, PIN2 from your SMS, and your account password. Removal instructions can be found directly on the login screen, under Is your two factor authentication not working? Remove from account.

If you no longer have access to the e-mail and phone number in your account, you do not remember your password or your password has expired (you have not logged in for a long time), please send us the Request to unblock. There are three ways to do that:

  1. Personal visit ‒ come to our association‘s office (Milešovská 5, Praha 3) with your valid ID (ifor foreign citizens passport) and the printed request. The identity document must contain first name, last name, date of birth, permanent address, photo and validity period. A partial copy of the identity document is archived by CZ.NIC association.

  2. Via data box ‒ it is important that the contact data matches the message sender‘s personal details as per the data box system. At the same time, the sender must be an authorised person as defined in the eGovernment act (not a trustee or administrator). That is why the sender needs to enable sending his identity as a part of the message. This is not necessary if the message is sent with an electronic signature ‒ then it can be sent from any data box by any person. The electronic signature is preferred.

  3. Certified signature ‒ certify your signature on the request at an authority, post office or notary and send the original document via regular mail to our association‘s address (Zákaznická podpora, CZ.NIC, Milešovská 5, 130 00, Praha 3). The documents received in the unblocking process will be archived.

  • If you still have the phone number you entered into your account, please follow the two-factor login removal information found directly on the sign-in screen under Is your two factor authentication not working? Remove from account.

  • If you have a substitute password, log in to your account, remove your OTP setting and create a new OTP, which you connect with your new phone.

  • If you do not have a substitute password anymore, follow the steps in this article:I set the login using OTP but I can not log in that way, I can not get to the substitute password. What should I do? When you log into your account, you can set the login via OTP, which you connect with your new phone.

After log into your account, select "Certificate" as your log in option.

When logging in from a different device (or browser), you can also use a password or upload the certificate to the browser in the given device.

Password recovery in mojeID can be sent to a different email than the one in your account. Please fill in the Password Recovery Request (56.9 KB). This can be delivered  to us in three different ways:

  1. Personal visit - come to the CZ.NIC (Milešovská 5, Prague) with a valid ID card (or passport, if you are not a Czech citizen) and a printed application. The identity document must include your name, surname, date of birth, residence, photo and period of validity. A partial copy of the document will be archived.
  2. Through the data box - it is important that the contact information matches the data mail sender's data by the data boxes' system and at the same the sender is the person authorized by the law on electronic actions and authorized data conversion (not a person authorized or an administrator). It is therefore necessary for the sender to ask for the inclusion of his identification in the sent data message.This is not necessary if an application is electronically signed - then it can be sent from any data box by any person. An electronic signature will be preferred.
  3. A certified signature - verify your signature on the request at the post office or notary and send the original to our organization's address (Customer Support, CZ.NIC, Milešovská 5, 130 00, Prague). Documents received within this process will be archived.

To log in to mojeID using a certificate you can use a certificate from one of the accredited certification authorities. The list of approved CAs is updated once a month. It may happen that some authority is already on the list, but to log in using a certificate issued by that authority is not yet possible.

You can only set a commercial certificate for login, a qualified certificate cannot be used.

Accredited certification authorities:

  • Czech Post, s. p.
  • First Certification Authority, a. s.
  • eIdentity, a. s.

This e-mail will be sent to you if the wrong password is entered 6 times in a row when logging in. Subsequently, your mojeID account has been blocked and it is no longer possible to log in. This way your account is protected for example against manual password guessing.


To unblock, follow the link available in the body of the e-mail.

If you did not try to log in, please contact our security team at

This e-mail will be sent to you anytime you login into your mojeID account.

If you are sure you did not try to login, we recommend changing your mojeID account password.

In case you no longer wish to receive these e-mails, you can change your preferences in the SETTINGS

If you have any questions or comments concerning mojeID, contact us at or call the technical support of the CZ.NIC Association, the administrator of the domain register, at +420 731 657 660 or +420 222 745 111 (24/7).