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If you want to register a new domain, which can be done through any registrar, the contact person you put down (the identifier) can be the name of your MojeID account. The identifier is in used here without the extension, most probably your name. If you already have a domain and you want to link it with your created MojeID account, you need to contact the domain registrar and make a modification of the domain holder. The registrar should inform you what is needed to perform such a modification.

Yes, you can do this if your account has been identified, meaning PIN3 has been entered. The only exception is the account of a legal person, where the address cannot be hidden. 

Do the settings to hide your address inside the Domain browser, which is at Inside the Domain browser, click on “My contact”, uncheck “Public” option and save. That's it, the address will be hidden in the register.

Only fully identified or validated users can hide their address. When your MojeID account loses the full identification/validation, the adress becomes visible again.

  1. Loss of full identification occurs when you change your address.
  2. Loss of validation occurs if you change your name, surname, date of birth, or your address, or if you add an organization to your account.

If you have any questions or comments concerning MojeID, contact us at or call the technical support of the CZ.NIC Association, the administrator of the domain register, at +420 731 657 660 or +420 222 745 111 (24/7).