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Other questions

MojeID is free for all end users. Providers who want to implement MojeID on their website pay a symbolic price, you'll find the pricelist here.

This login option was disabled in September 2021 and will no longer be supported. If you already have a certificate for login, you can continue to use it until it expires. It can be removed from your account at any time. We recommend that you switch to the latest login method using the MojeID Klíč application.

Log into your MojeID account using your password. In the Settings tab click Certificate. The certificate you want to log in with, must be added in your browser. After you click the Upload Certificate button, a window appears where you select the appropriate certificate and then it is uploaded to MojeID. If the certificate is not added in your browser, your browser will prouce an error message.

To log into MojeID using a certificate, you can use a certificate from one of the accredited certification authorities. You can only set a commercial certificate for login, a qualified certificate cannot be used.

You can only use one certificate for MojeID login. 

  • Unfortunately the certificate can not be uploaded in the Safari browser.

Certificate login is no longer supported for new accounts.

You can use a certificate from one of the accredited certification authorities. You can only set a commercial certificate for login, a qualified certificate cannot be used.

The list of CAs that can be used for login is updated once a month. It may therefore happen that some authority is already in the list, but can't yet be used to log in. 

In the "Settings" tab there is an option "Cancel account".

  • If there is no domain linked to the account, it will be completely deleted, after that nobody can use this account name for 2 months. For more information see here.

  • If there is a domain linked to this account, just the account will be deactivated and you will lose the possibility to login into mojeID services. Your basic contact details (name, date of birth, organization, ID and VAT number, e-mail contacts, phone number and address of permanent residence) will remain in the domain registry where you can continue to use them. Other additional data will be removed from your profile. It is then possible to change the designated registrar in your contact.

Yes, if you don't use your account, it can be spontaneously deleted. 

  • Your account can be deleted after one year of inactivity, but just in case that this account is not used as a domain contact. An active account is every acount, which is used to log in to the provider's website or logged into at least once every six months via

Validated account enables natural persons to hide their address in the domain registry. It also enables to manage domains (if they are linked to the validated contact) in the Domain browser.

Legal entities (account with Organization and Company ID number fields filled) and business person (account with name in the Organization field and Company ID number filled) can be validated directly with a button in the account.

Only organizations in the Czech Republic and listed in ARES can be validated.

We recommend that natural persons pair their account to public administration services, which also gives validation. If you only want to validate your account, you cannot have an unfinished pairing request. You can cancel the pairing request on the following page: → Cancel request.

Validation options:
  • Your account can be validated by submitting a request with notarized signature (natural person, organization, business person). After logging in, go to:
  1. Natural person enters first name, last name, birth date and permanent address into the account.
  2. Organization enters first name, last name, date of birth of statutory authority (executive or managing director), VAT identification number (IČO) and company seat address.
  3. Business person enters first name, last name, birth date, in the Organization field their name or trade, VAT identification number (IČO) and company seat address.

Other validation options:

If you have any questions or comments concerning MojeID, contact us at or call the technical support of the CZ.NIC Association, the administrator of the domain register, at +420 731 657 660 or +420 222 745 111 (24/7).