The validation process is designed to make sure that there is enough information in the central register to safely identify the owner of the contact. Some providers of web services may require mojeID validation for full functioning (eg. entry to a forum or sending very expensive goods from an online shop).

You can validate your account in five ways:

  1. Personal visit - with a valid proof of identity (an identity card or a passport for foreign nationals) and a printed validation request – you come in person to our association (Milesovska 5, Prague 3). Your proof of identity must contain your name, last name, date of birth, home address, photograph and validity of your ID card. A partial copy of your ID card is archived by CZ.NIC.
  2. Personal visit at a contact point - with a valid proof of identity (an identity card or a passport for foreign nationals) and a printed validation request – you come in person to any point of contact. List of contact points can be found here.
  3. A notarized signature - verify your signature on the validation request at the post office or at a notary and send the original to the address of our association (Customer Support, CZ.NIC, Milesovska 5, 130 00 Prague 3). Documents received by the validation process will be archived.
  4. Via the data box - this applies only to persons who have the organization and the company ID listed in their account. For a request sent by a data box, it is important that the contact details to be verified (validated) are the same as the data of the data box sender according to the data box system, and that the sender is the person authorized under the Electronic Operation and Authorized Data Conversion Act (not an authorized person or an administrator). Therefore, the sender has to request (permit) the inclusion of his/her identification in the sent data message. The number of our data box is h4axdn8.
  5. Via a data box directly in your account - this applies only to non-business individuals who own a data box. You can find this option in your mojeID account settings, the data box data will be then overwritten into your account

The option to validate an account via data box directly in mojeID account setting is only visible to natural persons, that means to all users who do not have an organization or ID number field filled in.

  • At our workplace (CZ.NIC, Milesovska 5, 130 00 Prague 3), every weekday between 8:30 A.M. to 0:30 P.M. and 1:00 and 4:00 P.M.
  • At one of our validation locations.

Your account is validated until you change the data that are required for the validation flag (name, last name, date of birth, VAT, registration number and address of permanent residence).

  • Dealing with Identity Cards is regulated in accordance with Act 328/1999 Coll. (“ZOP”), with travel documents Act 329/1999 Coll. (“ZCD”). According to § 15a of “ZOP” and § 2 section 3 of “ZCD” it is prohibited to make copies of Identity Cards without the consent of the owner of the ID in question.
  • Before giving this consent, the owner of the ID card is familiarized with the reason why the copy is required and for which purpose.
  • The CZ.NIC Association is registered with the Office for Personal Data Protection as the Administrator of personal data - you can view it on
  • It is of course not necessary to provide a copy of the ID card, there are other alternatives as well - a certified signature from CzechPoint location or a notary.

If you are unable to validate your account via the "Validate account via data box" button, one of these three options may have occurred:

  1. You use a business data box for validation of a natural person. However, data box must be kept on a natural person. Otherwise, validation can not be performed.
  2. For some older types of data boxes, the complete address can not be forwarded. In this case, we only show the user the information: "Your data box does not provide all the necessary data for validation". Data box system operators know about the problem. Unfortunately, until a solution is found, you can not validate via the button directly in mojeID via data box as a validation method. So, it is necessary to send us a validation request in a standard way via data box. You add the request document as an attachment and with the identification flag turned on, you send it to our data box number: h4axdn8. However, the application must be accompanied by an extract from the population register.
  3. You are not a citizen of the Czech Republic, or you live permanently abroad as a citizen of the Czech Republic. Therefore, your data box does not contain permanent address data. If the permanent address is not part of the data in the data box, it is not possible to use this data box for account validation.

If you have any questions or comments concerning mojeID, contact us at or call the technical support of the CZ.NIC Association, the administrator of the domain register, at +420 222 745 111 (24/7).