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Personal card

Personal card lets you create a kind of online business card in your account. If you click on "Enable personal card" and confirm the changes by clicking on "Save", you can immediately display information about yourself by clicking on "Your personal card page".

Your profile will have the following URL (subsitute "username" for your actual username): "".

You can choose what to display in your public profile. You can set the color theme of your business card (Active Template box), fill in your nickname, choose what will be displayed. You can write something about yourself and choose to display your photo or publish the contact details from your Personal card section (e.g. phone, a social network where you can be reached, your web or ICQ).

If you want to deactivate your public profile, simply uncheck the box "Enable personal card" and save the setting. The data will not be displayed any longer. 

You can choose what will be displayed in your Personal card. You can set the color theme of the Personal card, fill in your nickname, choose which data from your account will be displayed. You can also write something about yourself and display your photo. If you wish, you can also display a link to download a vCard or a QR code with contact details.

You can associate social media accounts and IM contacts (Skype, Hangouts, etc.) with your Personal card by clicking on the Profile tab and expanding other options in the Other personal data tab.

If you have any questions or comments concerning MojeID, contact us at or call the technical support of the CZ.NIC Association, the administrator of the domain register, at +420 731 657 660 or +420 222 745 111 (24/7).