Domain browser

Domain browser is an application that is used to display information from the domain registry and is directly connected with the mojeID account.

If you have your mojeID account in the role of a domain holder or an administrative contact, you can check the domain status in the domain browser, check the date to which the domain is paid (and by which Registrar you may extend its validity), whether it is protected by DNSSEC and in which role is your mojeID account - whether as a contact holder or an administrative contact. It is also possible to list all domains where the mojeID account appears, everything independently regarding the fact by which registrar the domain is located.

If the account is in the role of a technical contact for a set of name servers or key sets, it is possible to display them. You can list the set of name servers, key sets and domains by which these sets are kept.

Thus, you have all your data clearly together.

You can log in the domain browser on or in your mojeID account in the Domains tab. It depends on the level of identification of your account - whether it is partially identified (PIN1 and PIN2), identified (also PIN3), or validated (by a request with data verification).

  • Partially identified account

If you have partially identified your account, that means you have not entered PIN3 yet, you log in the domain browser only on

  • Identified (activated) account

If you have already fully identified (activated) your account; thus, successfully entered PIN3, it is possible to get to the domain browser after login to, except the direct option through the page Click on Domains section and “Go to Domain browser”. The system redirects you to the browser, confirm with OK button that you want to log in the browser, your data are pre-filled.

  • Validated account

If you have gone through the validation process, you can log in again via your account on or

All additional information can be found in Help for Domain browser. The Help; however, can only be displayed to a user who is logged in to the Domain browser service.

If you have any questions or comments concerning mojeID, contact us at or call the technical support of the CZ.NIC Association, the administrator of the domain register, at +420 222 745 111 (24/7).