3.4. Favicon

A favicon is a graphical element (icon) associated with a certain website or, in case of mojeID, a service. Web browsers can display favicons as a visual symbol of a website’s identity in address bar, bookmarks or Favourites.

mojeID displays a favicon in the mojeID login form next to the name of the service the mojeID user is logging into.

Favicon display example

Favicon display example

The use of the favicon differs based on the protocol.

3.4.1. Settings in OpenID Connect

You need to upload the favicon file to your website and set its address as metadata (logo_uri) within your client’s registration (see Client Registration).

If the icon is found at the defined URI, it is displayed in the mojeID form, no matter the type of access (full/partial) služby k mojeID.

3.4.2. Settings for OpenID 2.0 and SAML

You need to explicitly upload the favicon file to our system.

The favicon is downloaded either automatically (once a week), or you can provide it directly to CZ.NIC (e.g. by e-mail to our support) and we will upload it manually. With automatic downloading, the algorithm searches for the favicon on the provider’s realm based on the W3C favicon standard, section Method 1.

Favicons cannot be larger than 10 kB. The supported formats are ICO and PNG.

Displaying a favicon for services communicating via this protocol is possible only when the service has full access.