6. Logging out of mojeID

It is logical based on the way mojeID works that your service cannot automatically log a user out because it would log them out of other services they are logged into via mojeID too. However, in rare cases, a user might need to be logged out of mojeID too. For example, when they logged in from someone else’s device.

Then it is desirable that upon or after logging out of your service, the user is asked if they want to be logged out of mojeID too.

If the user chooses this option, redirect them or provide a link to https://mojeid.cz/logout/ where they can confirm the logout.

We recommend implementing this option if users often access your service from public devices (e.g. in a library or internet café) and if it is not securely solved, e.g. by deleting data after finishing working with the browser.

However, its implementation is not mandatory.