1. Introduction

This document includes a general introduction to the mojeID service. You can also find here examples and other general information that will help you design the implementation of mojeID support in your web application. It will help you get a basic overview of the steps that will have to be taken to implement mojeID support and you will be able to estimate the complexity of the implementation.

mojeID currently offers three authentication protocols that can be used. They are OpenID Connect, OpenID 2.0, and SAML 2.0.


If you do not use any of these protocols in your system, we recommend choosing OpenID Connect.

It is the newest of the offered protocols and it has some improvements based on the experience from using the other two. Its main advantages are simpler implementation and mobile platforms support.

However, if you already use the OpenID 2.0 or SAML 2.0 protocol in your system, it is logical to use that protocol for integration with mojeID too.