5.3. Completing Registration

Your application sends a response to the message from the Checking Data Validity section in the body of a HTTP response in a form of key-value of the OpenID protocol

  • outcome (mode) – value accept or reject indicating, whether the user’s account was successfully paired,

  • reason for denial (reason) – an optional parameter that includes the reason the pairing was not performed.

If a response in the correct format is not received, the message with the result of the registration will be sent to another address from the Checking Data Validity section, until a response is obtained or until all the addresses are used.

The registration then continues either with a direct request to enter PIN1 and PIN2, and going to the user’s profile where they choose a password, or the user is shown an information about the completion of the registration.

If you have activated the full access, your application will also receive information about a change of the status of the user’s account. These messages are sent in a similar way as described in the Checking Data Validity section, with two parameters in each message:

  • mojeID user’s identifier based on the used protocol:

    • claimed_id – in case of OpenID 2.0,

    • sub – in case of OpenID Connect,

  • status – account status, one of the following values:

    • CONDITIONALLY_IDENTIFIED – partially identified (PIN1 and PIN2 entered),

    • IDENTIFIED – identified (PIN1, PIN2 and PIN3 entered),

    • VALIDATED – validated (PIN1, PIN2, PIN3 1, and the validation flag entered).

If this message cannot be sent or no response is received, the information of the change of state will be sent repeatedly each five minutes for the period of six hours, until your application accepts or refuses it. On the other hand, the message about the completion of the registration is synchronous – it is sent only once.


The PIN3 for validation of the mojeID account is optional. Therefore, there can be a situation when the user has a validated account with only PIN1 and PIN2 entered.