5.1. Requesting Creation of a mojeID Account

The user selects an option of creating a mojeID account within your application. That will generate a HTTPS POST request to a registration server in user’s browser at https://mojeid.cz/registration/endpoint/. The parameters of the request contain a username and all the other available data about the user (the list of data for registration include Appendix 5 – List of Data for Registration), plus:

  • the service provider identifier (realm) – a selectable URI with a value based on the type of the communication protocol:

    • in case of OpenID 2.0, it should be the same value as the one used for logging into mojeID,

    • in case of OpenID Connect, it must be the assigned client_id,

  • unique transaction identifier (registration_nonce) – used to match the response to this request.

You also have the possibility to offer the user a transfer of an existing account in the central register by choosing the address https://mojeid.cz/transfer/endpoint/. In such case, the data about the user are ignored and the username (= contact identifier) that cannot be changed is used. If the identifier is invalid, it cannot be transferred to mojeID and the user has to contact the current registrator to ask for change.

Then the user is displayed a list of data to be entered into mojeID once the registration is completed. The basic data also shows its value and it can be changed. The user will then consent to the service usage policy within the registration form and it will be verified with CAPTCHA.