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Getting started

Technical documentation illustration

Implement mojeID on your website yourself using the technical documentation or use our partners for implementation.

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Complete, sign and send the agreement and pay the fee in accordance with the instructions in the agreement.

Don’t forget to put the “supports mojeID” logo on your site.

Technical documentation illustration

Implement mojeID on your website using the technical documentation.

You can use sample OpenID implementations for Java (ZIP, 3.7 MB) and PHP (ZIP, 144 kB) or modules for popular open-source platforms:

List of implementation partners

Don't feel like integrating mojeID yourself? Leave it to our experienced technical partners.

Behavin s.r.o.
Behavin is a development studio primarily engaged in the development of mobile and web applications based on robust back-end technologies. Safety always comes first for Behavin professionals. They will offer you their experience and help integrate identity verification through mojeID.

Trigama International s.r.o.
Trigama will help you integrate mojeID into your web or mobile applications, either in the form of a consultation or a custom implementation. It supports a wide technology stack - node.js, PHP, Java, React / React Native,...

EzConvey s.r.o.
EzConvey solves identification in Java EE using SAML2 and OIDC protocols, either in the form of PROXY or a cloud application. Returns data in XML, JSON, or CSV format. Web socket technology allows your systems not to open a port to the Internet, but to stay behind the protection of the Firewall.

AMI Praha a. s.
AMI Praha is a system integrator in the field of ICT security. It focuses primarily on the life cycle of users - how to effectively log users into end systems and what information and functionality to make available to them.

eID Easy OÜ
eID Easy offers an API solution for integrating with MojeID and other identification services across Europe. With the eID Easy plugin you can also generate electronic signatures using MojeID.


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