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Options and prices

You as providers can choose from two options for the implementation of mojeID – full access and restricted access. The difference lies in the scope and type of data submitted to you when users sign in via mojeID, in the technical support provided and in the conditions under which you can access the service.


  Full access Limited access
Annual fee CZK 1,000 CZK 0
Data from the identity register1 All data (everything opt-out) Some data (everything else opt-in)
Selection of log in method 2
Additional information 3
24/7 phone and email support
FAV icon displayed 4
Service name displayed 5
Promotion of your service in our media
Your logo in our catalogue

The price is without VAT. For full access, you need to sign an agreement.

  1. In full access, users, by default, share all the data categories from which they haven’t opted out; in restricted access, mojeID, by default, only shares information that is mandatory for a mojeID registration (first and last name, phone, email and mailing address).
  2. Providers can choose the sign-in method (password, certificate, one-time password).
  3. The provider receives information about the user account’s authentication level, whether it’s validated, whether the user is or is not underage and the validity of their ISIC card.
  4. The login dialogue displays the FAV icon before the service name.
  5. In full access, the entire service name is displayed in the login dialogue. In limited access, only the URL is displayed.