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Why MojeID

Ilustration - More registered users

More registered users

The time consuming completion of user data discourages new registrations. With MojeID, a user who logs in to your service for the first time will immediately register without having to fill out any form, and will use an already established MojeID account.

Users with verified contacts and identity

Are you having trouble with invalid addresses, non-existent phone numbers or even fake accounts? Users of MojeID undergo verification, during which we verify their contact details. The highest level of the process is the verification of identity against data in public registers. With this verification, users will gain access to online public administration services.

Ilustration - Users with verified identity
Ilustration - Multi-level security at login

Multi-level security at login

If security is your priority, you can set up your MojeID users to log in to your service with an additional authentication means in addition to the usual password, by confirming in the MojeID Klíč mobile app or using a physical or system security key (token) - just like with public administration services. Users can also voluntarily set a higher level of security.

Always up-to-date user data

Users just need to update their details in one place, MojeID, and you will get these details every time they log in. In addition, the user can enable a feature in their profile that allows you to request an update from MojeID at any time. The number of users who have a profile linked to the National Identity Authority is also growing and their data is being updated directly based on changes in public registers.

Ilustration - Always up-to-date user data
Ilustration - Easy implementation

Easy implementation

Clear documentation and the use of established standards will simplify the implementation of MojeID as much as possible, whether on the web or in a mobile app. If you still don't know what to do, our technical support is available for you. For more details, see Getting started .

Very low cost

With MojeID, you only pay a fixed annual amount for the entire service. You pay no additional fees per transaction or per user. Unlike our competitors' projects, we do not make money from user data. Our goal is to improve Internet security and help develop online public and private sector services. For more details, see Price and specifications .

Ilustration - low cost
Ilustration - Online identity as a benefit for users

Online identity as a benefit for users

The advantage for users is the ability to log in via MojeID to thousands of other services, such as libraries, e-shops, portals mediating micro-services or online services of state and local governments. With MojeID, the user is creating an electronic identity that will be used increasingly in the coming years.