4.1.8. Response to Authentication

When a user completes the authentication process, you will receive a response with its result from the mojeID servers. The structure and contents of this response differs based on the selected communication schema (see Communication via OpenID Connect).

In case of communication via the Implicit schema, the response includes the user’s identifier and ID Token which can contain data about the user.

In case of communication via Access code or Hybrid schema, the response contains an access code that needs to be used in the next step of the authentication process.

An example of processing the response:

aresp, _, _ = client.parse_authz(request.GET.urlencode())

An example of the server’s response:

HTTP/1.1 302 Found
Location: https://client.example.org/cb?code=SplxlOBeZQQYbYS6WxSbIA&state=af0ifjsldkj