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The mojeID service is operated by CZ.NIC, a special-interest association of legal entities registered Register of Associations kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, file No. L 58624.

The mojeID service was launched on 26 October 2010 by the CZ.NIC Association, the administrator of the top-level domain .CZ. Its goal is to make it easier for users to browse the internet and sign in to websites that require registration, and to verify users for the providers of these services. Thanks to the mojeID service, our contractual partners can be assured that the user who is signed in is a real person. MojeID is based on the OpenID standard for managing online identities but specifically tailored to the Czech internet environment.

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CZ.NIC, z. s. p. o.
Milešovská 1136/5
130 00 Prague Czech Republic

podpora@mojeid.cz +420 222 745 111 +420 731 657 660

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Radim Ponert
Sales Manager

+420 731 175 110

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  • IČ: 67985726
  • DIČ: CZ67985726
  • Bank Account Number: 276463778/0300
  • IBAN: CZ37 0300 0000 0002 7646 3778
  • Bank: ČSOB, a. s.