4.4.3. Adjusting Communication with mojeID Server

To debug communication issues, we recommend to use developer tools in the internet browser. They enable checking network activities: queries and responses exchanged between the client (your implementation) and the mojeID server. This can help you detect a possible error in the data that are handed over.


For more complicated issues, when you have to contact out technical support, it is useful to attach a recorded communication log to the description of the issue.

In Firefox, you can use built-in tools or extensions (e.g. FireBug):

  1. The developers tools can be enabled in Main Menu ‣ Web Developer or by a shortcut Ctrl+Shift+I.

  2. Then you switch to the Network tab (or call this tab directly using the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Q).

In Chrome, you can use built-in tools:

  1. The developers tools can be enabled in Main menu ‣ More Tools ‣ Developer tools or by a shortcut Ctrl+Shift+I.

  2. Then switch to the Network tab. Debugging in a Pop-up Window

If you implement the user authentication via mojeID using a new pop-up window, you need to do the following to record the communication:

  1. Let the pop-up window generate for the first time.

  2. Before sending the request to the mojeID server, right click inside it and open the debug tool by choosing the following item in the menu:

    • Chromium: Inspect

    • Firefox: Inspect Element

    • FireBug plugin: Inspect Element in Firebug

  3. Call a pop-up window refresh (e.g. F5 or Ctrl+R).

  4. Continue reporting network communication in the debug tool in a normal way.