Declaration of Accessibility


This document contains the declaration of accessibility of the and web applications, description of presented file formats, known issues and the webmaster contact.

Although the and web applications are not subject to the Decree no. 64/2008 Sb., on the form of publishing information related to public administration through websites for people with disabilities (decree on accessibility), the web keeper improves the applications to become conforming to the rules of that Decree. The and web applications are also being improved to achieve conformity with the Blind Friendly Web 2.3 methodology.

To describe information on the web, the HTML5 mark-up language is used, and the cascading style sheets (CSS) to describe appearance.


Supported web browsers


The and web applications are tested only in the supported web browsers which are listed on the FAQ page.

The and web applications are functional even when the JavaScript is turned off. However, having the JavaScript turned on provides better user comfort. To achieve the full functionality of the application, having the cookies allowed in the browser is required.


Presented files

The and web applications do not link only to web sites but also to general files – documents presented in various formats.

These files can be viewed in external applications that are freely available:

Known issues


  •  If the JavaScript is turned off in your browser, the following more or less serious problems can occur:

  •     At the bottom of the introductory page, only one satisfied customer's quotation can be displayed. When the JavaScript is turned on, 5 quotations can be displayed.

  •  If the CSS is turned off in your browser, the following problems can occur:

  •  On the introductory page, when the Video about mojeID is played, it can't be closed by clicking the "Close" button.

  •  In the footer of all pages, the icons linking to Twitter and YouTube disappear.

  •  On the introductory page, the content under the "Twitter" heading does not show.

  •  Elements associated with Twitter and YouTube services exhibit the following problems:

  • On all pages, the images represeting Twitter and YouTube don't contain the textual alternative.

  • If the Internet Explorer browser is set to ignore colours, style and font size, then the Twitter and YouTube buttons aren't displayed on any page.

  •  Problems with font contrast in relation to the background may occur.

  •  The web presents also documents (PDF, DOC, ZIP) in other formats than HTML.

  •  If the JavaScript is turned off in your browser, the following more or less serious problems can occur:

    •     In case of CAPTCHA pictures, the "Another control code" feature can not be used.

    •     When creating a new account or changing password, the password strength can not be detected.

    •     In the History tab, small problems occur with the number of items per page and calendar items.

  •  If the CSS is turned off in your browser, the following problems can occur:

    •     During login, the autentication method may not be apparent.

    •     In the History, pagination is not well-arranged. Page numbers are visually mixed together.

    •     In the History, calendar is displayed transparent on click.

    •     On all pages, the mojeID logo that links to, is not displayed.

  •  Currently, there is no alternative to the CAPTCHA picture which you encounter during account creation.


Webmaster contact

We strive to make the and web applications accessible to all users without problems. If you encounter any issues, please let us know about them. Your suggestions, observations and problem reports concerning this web site can be sent to the support email address