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For what and how to use mojeID

Ilustrace body řidiče

How to view driver‘s score

How many penalization points do you have? Have the points from your last violation already been deducted? The Citizen Portal app offers, besides many other things, information about your driver‘s score and other data from the register of drivers.

How to obtain your criminal record

Do you start a new job or plan to be a supervisor at a summer camp? Get your criminal record in just a few seconds and for free. You can download the criminal records from the Citizen Portal or save it to your documents.

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Ilustrace datová schránka

How to set up a data box and pair it with the Citizen Portal

Setting up a data box with mojeID is no complicated task. Quite the opposite, it will také you around two minutes and save hours you would spend by visiting a post office. Optionally, you can pair your data box with the Citizen Portal (guide in the second part of the video). It gives you multiple benefits you can find in the video description.

What you can find in the Moje VZP app

With mojeID, you can log in to health insurance apps, including the biggest one, without the need to go through a tedious registration. The Moje VZP app offers information about your insurance status and an overview of the care your doctors declared and how much it costed.

Ilustrace Moje VZP
Ilustrace osobní list důchodového pojištění

How to view your informative personal pension list

How many years and months have you already worked? What were your bases of assessment? The ePortál app of the Czech Social Security Administration offers, besides many other services, also a possibility to see your informative personal pension list (IOLDP) for free. You can also download it in PDF.

What can you find in the eRecept (ePrescription) app

In the eRecept app, you can view all your prescriptions, even several years back. Unlike in SMS, you see the medicine‘s name, ePrescription‘s expiration date, which doctor and when issued it and whether you have already collected it. Through the eRecept app, you can also get access to your children‘s ePrescriptions.

Ilustrace Moje VZP

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